VMC Jobwork

We have two Cosmos CVM 640 series VMC, one with 4 Axis which offers the ability to machine complex surfaces and areas otherwise unreachable on 3 axis machines including pockets and holes to be cut around a cylindrical part at an accurate angle as well as machining conventional components on 4 faces in a single operation.

The CVM 640 series machiens are one of the best Indian made machines by Cosmos with 25 years of rich experience in the field of imported machine tools.

Given below are the sizes and specifications of the machines we have installed.

VMC Machine Specifications

Features Description Details
Travel X Axis 650 mm
Y Axis 450 mm
Z Axis 510 mm
Spindle Nose to Table Surface 150 – 660 mm
Spindle Center to Column Surface 540 mm
Table Top to Floor 830 mm
Table Table Size 800 x 450 mm
Table Loading Capacity 400 Kgs
Spindle Motor Power 5.5 / 7.5 kW
Speed 8000 rpm
Longitudinal Travel Z-Axis mm
Spindle Nose BT-40
ATC Tool Storage Capacity 24 – T Arm Type
Max Tool Length 250 mm
Max Tool Weight 7 Kgs
Max Tool Diameter 80 mm
Tool Change Time 2.5 Seconds
Feed Rapid Traverse X/Y/Z Axis 36/36/36 m/min
Cutting Feed Rate X/Y/Z Axis 10/10/10 mm/min
Accuracy Positioning Accuracy 0.01 mm
Repeatability +/- 0.003 mm